The Asiatic Society of Mumbai Literary Club
ASM LitClub Programme on Thursday, 14th March, 2019, at 5.30 p.m.
We are happy to invite you to a show in Hindi titled "Do Sitarein" that will take place in the Durbar Hall on Thursday 14th March at 5.30 p.m.

The show attempts to capture the quintessence of the literary stirrings of Sahir Ludhianavi and Shailendra. These two poets, who reigned supreme in Hindi cinema in the 1950s and '60s, distilled human experiences with rare sensitivity and reflected on life's myriad moods in their film songs. In their attempt to blend popular cinema with literature, they succeeded to a large extent.

To enhance their poetic wisdom, their four songs will be played in the form of a "Medley" with total darkness in the auditorium so that the audience can concentrate fully on their words. Sahir Ludhianavi, the seniormost among the two, strode like a colossus for over three decades in the world of Hindi cinema. His songs are suffused with human values, lyrical beauty and social consciousness. 'Pyaasa', Guru Dutt's classic, which speaks of a poet's angst and aspirations, celebrates Sahir's poetry.

Shailendra wrote in a style that was both simple and sublime. The opening lines of some of his songs - 'Sajan re jhoot mat bolo' and 'Jeena iseeka naam hai' have acquired the truth of a proverb in the popular consciousness. 'Kaanton se kheench ke yeh aanchal' from Dev Anand's 'Guide' is an eloquent tribute to empowerment of women.
The show will be hosted by Mr. Ambarish Mishra, in Hindi.

Ambarish Mishra is a senior journalist who worked with the Times of India as a special correspondent for 25 years till 2015. He currently provides consultancy to the same newspaper. He has been chronicling Mumbai's popular culture for over four decades.

Mishra has several books to his credit, including the Marathi translation of Gulzar's 'Deodhi', a collection of Hindi short stories. Mishra collaborated with renowned theatre person Vijaya Mehta on two books, one being 'Jhimma', her highly acclaimed autobiography. A book on Mahatma Gandhi in Marathi is in the pipeline. He has been presenting and compering film song concerts for over 15 years.

The credit for the concept and execution of the show goes to Prasad Phanse.
Do join us for this special evening.
Tea will be served at 5.00 p.m.
- Prof. Vispi Balaporia, Hon. Secretary - ASM
- Mrs. Sanjeevani Kher, Chairperson – ASM LitClub
- Prof. Meenal Kshirsagar,Convenor - ASM LitClub

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