1. Papers submitted for the publication in the Society's Journal may be offered by any Fellow or Member of the Society. Papers of the non-Members must be communicated through a Member unless the non-Members have been specially invited to contribute. ยท

2. All editorial communications should be addressed to the Editors, Journal of the Asiatic Society of Mumbai, Town Hall, Mumbai- 400 023.

3. Papers must be presented in a final form completely ready as copy for the press prepared in accordance with the regulations printed below. Soft copy prepared in Gandhari Unicode font in two formats: MS WORD 2003 compatible and PDF should be submitted.

4. Foot notes numbered consecutively throughout the article should appear at their proper place, that is, at the bottom of each page.

5. Both the photographs and line drawings, including maps, will appear as "plates" and "figures", numbered consecutively in Roman and Arabic numerals respectively, throughout the article. Captions should be typed on a separate sheet.

6. The Editorial Committee will determine whether a paper shall be printed and, if printed, in what form.

7. Contributors are urgently requested to use the system of transliteration adopted by this Society. A transliteration sheet has been appended in the issue of the Journal.

8. Contributors are urged to study the conventions employed in recent issues of the Journal, particularly the Chicago Style of citation of books and periodical articles and the bibliographical information inserted at the head of the reviews. Titles of the books I works should be in italics. The tiles of the books I works should be cited in full at their first appearance in the article, followed by an abbreviation in the parenthesis. This abbreviation should be used in the article afterwards. The uniformity of the abbreviation(s), however, must be maintained throughout the article.

9. Titles of the articles should be cited in the quotation marks; the name of the periodical should be printed in italics. The following abbreviations for the Journals of the principal oriental societies should be adhered to: Ep. Ind., Ind. Ant., JA, JAOS, JASM, JBBRAS, WZKM, ZDMG. Volume number and pagination should be indicated after the name of the Journal, separated by colon. Common digits should be omitted while indicating the last page ( e.g. Vol. 54: 134-67). Use of punctuation marks such as M dash, N dash and hyphen should be done properly and consciously at appropriate places. For example, the page numbers should be shown using N dash (e.g. 2-30), and hyphen should be used to link the words (e.g. rock-cut).

10. The greatest possible conciseness in the papers is desired of the contributors for the sake of economy. Additional printer's charges for alterations other than corrections of printer's errors must be borne by the contributor. Later corrections which would involve overrunning will not be accepted without express permission of the Board of Editors.

11. Ten off-prints of each article and three off-prints of each review and note will be supplied to the contributor free of charge. Additional copies, if desired, may be obtained by giving due notice to the Hon. Secretary, on payment.

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