1. Submit one hard copy of the text with soft copy.

2. Photographs, illustrations and maps too, shall be submitted in both the forms.

3. Indicate where in the text they should appear.

4. The soft copy of the article prepared in MS Word 2003 compatible format along with the PDF file format should be submitted to the Society. Abstract or Key-words are not expected with the article.

5. The article should be prepared using the Gandhari Unicode font. Roman script with proper diacritical marks according to the style sheet prescribed at the end of the journal should be used for Indian languages.

6. Names of authors and published ancient texts should not be italicized. Foot notes should be used for giving the additional information only. Reference should be made in the article only by quoting the name of the author followed by the year and page number(s) separated by colon in the parenthesis. Bibliography and References should be according to the Chicago Style sheet in general. Some examples are as follows:

Gokhale, S. 1991. Kānheri Inscriptions. Pune: Deccan College Post-Graduate and Research Institute.

Kashikar, C. G. (ed. & tr.) 1964. The Śrauta, Paitṛmedhika and PariŚeṣa Sūtras of Bhāradvāja. 2 Volumes. Poona: Vaidika Samśodhana Mandala.

Eggeling, Julius (tr.) 2001. The Satapatha-Brahmana according to the Text of the Madhyandina School. Part I. SBE Series Vol. 12. Reprint. Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass.

Verghese, Anila. 2010. "K ṣṇadevarāya's Grants and Constructional Activities Related to his Kalinga War". JASM. Vol. 83: 115-27.

Jamkhedkar, A. P. 1987. "Vedic Sacrifices in Archaeological Findings". Sacrifice in India Concept and Evolution (Papers presented at the UGC Seminar, 1986). Edited by Sindhu S. Dange, 159-64. Aligarh: Viveka Publications.

7. Metric system should be adopted while indicating the weights and measures.

8. Resolution of the photographs should be at least 300 dpi.

9. The first page of the article should indicate the name of the author(s), address for correspondence, contact number(s) and email address as it is expected to appear in the list of contributors. Authentic and proper Title (Prof./Dr./Mr./Mrs.) along with the designation I relevant membership of professional body should also be indicated here.

10. It is at the sole discretion of the society to determine whether an article shall be accepted for publication and, if accepted, in what form. Please refer to the Regulations printed at the end of the Journal for details.

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