Ethics Policy


Authorship of the research article shall be limited to those who have made significant contribution to the concept / study / analysis presented in the article. It is the responsibility of the first author to ensure that all the contributors are fairly acknowledged and are placed accurately in the list of authors. Ghost (use of anonymous author to write an article, such as junior researcher, employee and paid sponsor), Guest (person mentioned in the list of authors who has made insignificant or no contribution in the preparation of the article), and Gift (senior researcher, friend or colleague of the main author) authorship will be considered unethical and any allegations regarding such cases will be investigated thoroughly. In case such practices are identified, the author/s in question will be removed from an article through a post-publication correction or erratum. In addition the JASM may choose to ban the authors in question from submitting articles in future.

Submission of the Research Article

The article already published elsewhere or simultaneously submitted to other publication will not be considered. The submission is accepted by the JASM on the understanding that it is an original work of the author/s. Use of any data, figures, maps or images without appropriate acknowledgment or permission is considered plagiarism. Using any idea, concept or text as it is or paraphrasing it will also be included in plagiarism. All allegations of plagiarism will be investigated. The JASM is free to take any action in the proven case of plagiarism as deemed fit from time to time against the authors in question.

Ethical Research

The JASM tries hard to maintain highest standards of research through the publication of the Journal. Any submission found unfit or not matching the expected standards, it is at the sole discretion of the Journal not to accept such research article. If any submission is found to contain fabricated, non-factual or misleading data, the author will be contacted for seeking the explanation. If the author does not give any explanation or the explanation provided by the author is found unsatisfactory, the submission will not be accepted for publication. Similarly, in the cases of repeat offenders, persons using abusive language or making baseless allegations against the editors, the Journal or the Society, the editors will have the right to refuse to review / accept the articles from such authors.


Policy of Peer Review and Publication

The Journal welcomes all kinds of quality research articles pertaining to the field of Asian studies. It does not prefer or support any particular ism or ideology.

The researchers are requested to submit the research articles prepared in adherence with the guidelines of the JASM. If any research article is found not to be adhering to the guidelines of the JASM, the author will be informed to revise and reformat the article strictly following the guidelines of the Journal. Only then the submission will be considered for publication in the Journal. All the submissions received for publication in the JASM are initially reviewed by the Journal Committee of the Society and the Editors of the Journal. Submissions found irrelevant to the Journal and / or of low priority, making pseudo-scientific claims or much ado about nothing, and lacking serious academics, will be rejected at this level without further review.

Submissions maintaining high standard of research and of relevance to the Journal will be peer reviewed. The process of peer review will be double-blind. The peer review will be based on the points such as fresh research, reasonable and logical arguments, facts and sources presented in the article, originality of the claim and comprehensible presentation. The research article shall be submitted along with proper illustrations, tables, maps, figures, drawings and bibliography. Acknowledgements shall be mentioned wherever necessary. All of these will be considered along with actual text for peer review.

If a paper is found unacceptable in its present form, the suggestions provided by the reviewer will be forwarded to the author for necessary revision. In such cases, the author is supposed to revise and resubmit the article, which will be reviewed again. After receiving the satisfactory report from the reviewer, the article will be accepted for publication. The decision of the editors regarding the acceptance or rejection of the article will be final.

All the arguments and opinions expressed in the article are of the author/s concerned and they do purport to reflect the views of the Editors, the Journal or the Society. The responsibility for the information and views expressed in the article lies entirely with the author/s.

The copyright of the article published in the Journal lies jointly with the Journal and the concerned author/s. The Society reserves the right to republish the material in future. The reproduction of such material by the author/s in any form in future is authorised too, provided the author informs the Society about such publication and assures that the source will be acknowledged in such reproduction.

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